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April 2000. An excerpt from the 200th Clatter
'Johanna's done the job for 7+ years and 86 Clatters and admits readily to still making mistakes! For the first few years there was Ron to guide, advise and generally make things right. Then Doris, having been well trained by Ron, took over the Centre and could always be relied upon to help in so many ways. But with Doris now working, the combined task of both running the Centre and producing Clatters is not easy. It is now Johanna's turn to ask 'Is there anyone out there who would like to edit the Clatter?
If so, please say so. It might be sensible to have 2 editors thus halving the commitment. Alternatively, perhaps someone might enjoy running the Resource Centre. Contact us for information without obligation.
Meanwhile, and despite a rumour, Johanna will not and has never intended to give up the job unless it is absolutely necessary or someone really would like to take it on'.
Finally, some words written by Eddie in one of the early Clatters.
'The Clatter is produced for the community but cannot exist without the help of the community.'

Cover from the 200th Clatter with the 3 Editors
Copshaw Clatter editors
Photo by George White

A new move for the Clatter.
July 31st 2003 saw the closing of the Resource Centre after 15 years. It had been the photocopying centre of the village, dealing with posters, tickets, booklets and so on as well as the monthly Clatter. Sandra Inglis, chairperson, wrote
'Over the past few years, we have noted a steady reduction in the amount of photocopying work we have done. Print contracts have passed out of our hands and personal computers are more common. The amount of money in the bank has, therefore, decreased too. In February, we were told that our photocopier was reaching the end of its useful life and we would have to replace it. Financially, this is impossible and the directors realised that the end we had been fearing was upon us. We felt really strongly that the Copshaw Clatter should continue at all costs and found a printer in Hawick willing to take on the contract. We will be able to support the Clatter for a number of years and we're delighted with that.'

September 2009
In the 6 years since that was written Johanna (who had retired in 1990!) has continued to edit the Clatter from home. There is an occasional hint that perhaps it's time for a new editor but to no avail!
Maybe it is time, after 16 years and with her 200th Clatter in sight, to ask again if anyone is interested in taking the job on. But, to repeat a sentence from an old Clatter,
'Johanna will not give up the job unless it is absolutely necessary or someone would actually like to take it on'.

The work is easier in many respects in that the magazine is printed each month by the very helpful and professional Richardson and Son at Hawick. There's no more photocopying, folding and stapling of over 500 Clatters each month and the Clatter file can be sent straight to the printer by e-mail.
There are good points and some not so good!
They do still have to be collected, sorted and delivered to shops or sent out to an average of 40 subscribers each month.
After getting a new computer and with not having to use a photocopier it was possible to use photographs instead of the usual line drawings.
Some months there are 4 or 5 pages to fill after all the items have been sent in.
At other times extra pages have to be added to get all of the items in - and that costs more money!
But our advertisers keep us going and the Clatter team is really grateful to all of them.
They are also grateful to the subscribers and enjoy having comments from them now and then (they are always polite!) Clatters go out to many parts of the UK and a few villagers buy extra copies to send to friends or relatives as far away as Australia.

So behind us in October 2009, there are 314 Clatters. There were articles on Railways, Local inns, Natural History, Lead mines, Border roads and Archeology just to mention a few. There were poems, recipes, quizzes and news of churches, various groups, businesses, memories of 'Times Past', major events in the village and the usual mention of births, weddings and funerals. The 'Thank you' page has been in every issue and a 'What's on' page lists the coffee mornings and other events for that month. The only charges made now are for advertisements.

The Editor holds a complete collection of Clatters and there is also a collection in the Liddesdale Heritage Centre in the village. There is a list detailing just a few of the items from each Clatter. We can have any Clatter photocopied if needed.

The Clatter team wishes to thank all those kind people who buy monthly Clatters, the shopkeepers who sell them (without as much as a free Clatter!), the advertisers and the subscribers and Richardson and Son, our Hawick printers. The Editor is also grateful to the small team of proofreaders who make the job that much easier.

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