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Sandra's final Clatter
'I've had so many contributions from so many people over the years and I couldn't finish without thanking them all for their hard work. Eddie Rutherford and Ron Nicholson have been fantastic to work with and, in their different ways, helped me a lot. I sincerely thank them as well as my family who have put up with a working and Clattering wife and mother!'
Eddie paid tribute to Sandra's 5+ years as Editor. 'What does it mean? Lots of hard work and patience. Lots of giving up of your spare time. Lots of your family having to adjust their lives around the Clatter. Sandra worked 3 or 4 days each issue to give us all the news for that month - a big task. If you see Sandra in the street or in passing give her a thank you.'
Sandra's final words were to introduce the new Editor after which she wrote, 'Johanna has some experience with computers but will need help with local knowledge. Please keep her informed of births etc - don't assume she knows what's going on! I hope she enjoys her time in the hot seat as much as I have, most of the time!'
So Johanna Lister, present editor, embarrassed at taking on such a job so soon after coming to live in the Holm, sat in some trepidation before the computer in February 1993. Clatter No. 114 was to be her first Clatter without Sandra's help. She wrote a sort of poem!

I sit here in the hot seat
that Sandra has vacated.
Hopeful? Yes
but anxious too
aggravated with
this stubborn Macintosh
it doesn't like me very much.
It ignores my good intentions
rejects my very touch.
I type in 1993
I lose a page of text
I know it's gone forever
I'm not a little vexed.
Right now I wish that I could use
my own inferior model
A cheap-and-cheerful
it's a doddle.
And so I EDIT
I grumble and I mutter
Come February will there be

July 1993 - Cover for the Clatter's 10th birthday

10th birthday cover

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